Maison Beaufort

Watercolours of views of Beaufort and the beautiful region of Languedoc-Roussillon in the south of France.

I have a secret. Until recently I was a reluctant water colourist. I’d worked in water colour many years prior and now really wanted to develop my larger acrylics and acrylic abstracts. I re-introduced myself to the art form using different techniques and no longer hampered by my former self imposed boundaries, have charmingly challenged my brain again.

I was asked to paint fields of grapes which were sometimes under an electric pink sky, historical stone buildings that curved toward a red mountain, so many poppies that…well so…. many…. poppies; I couldn’t say no.

The paintings of Southern France and Maison Beaufort are offered for sale as originals or prints and cards. Please see my contact page

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