London Trees 2

London's Metal Tress - Watercolours*

I have found London’s public sculptural trees to be evocative for many Londoners. Their bright colours in a water colour painting lend a decided abstract feel to the work which I build from.

Painting the metal trees into the streetscapes after so many years of architectural drawings was a pleasant irony.  I talked with the Downtown Business Assoc. and I was really excited to have Bill Hodgson visit his trees at my booth at Home County.   I had 4 of them completed by Sunfest 2011 and sold them at the two festivals as various sized framed prints. 
I was aware the commissioned metal trees were the topic of many discussions so I had a Metal Trees Guest Book with people commenting on both sides. I have talked to Bill about creating a bit of a discussion, of course linking to his website; Hodgson's Originals and his other iron work.

These are available for sale as prints of various sizes. Please see my contact page

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